CGD: Increase Success, Reduce Risk

What does CGD™ mean?

The CGD™ mark is recognized across Canada and is the only certification mark for graphic and visual communication designers.

CGD™ certified graphic and communication designers provide their clients with the assurance that their services have met or exceeded the national standard. Additionally, those licensed to use the CGD™ certification mark adhere to a formalized Code of Ethics and Sustainability Principles unlike non-members.

The CGD™ mark is licensed only to practicing designers who have completed at least seven years, in total, of combined graphic design education and/or professional practice, and whose services are demonstrated to be of nationally acceptable standards.

Increase Success, Reduce Risk

In 2010, GDC together with Ottawa-based market research firm Harris/Decima, polled Canadian business owners and decision makers to better understand business perceptions of the design industry. Over 500 completed surveys were collected from a random sample of business panel members across Canada.

The Results

It was confirmed that nearly two-thirds of businesses interviewed saw a definite link between design and better business performance. Respondents advised that designers and design firms who abide by a professional code of ethics, such as those that CGD certified designers adhere to, instill greater confidence in their clients. A code of ethics and formalized sustainability principles, such as those adopted by the GDC, also factored into consideration when purchasing design services.

If faced with the choice between a CGD certified and non-certified designer of equal abilities, 70% would choose the CGD certified designer. Reasons for choosing a CGD certified graphic designer included the perception of higher education and training, reliability and trustworthiness, knowledge and skill set, experience and level of professionalism.