DesignCares Benefits Suzuki Foundation

Students at Kwantlen University College integrate design with altruism

Students at Kwantlen University College integrate design with altruism

The GDC DesignCares Traveling Exhibit was created by the GDC Vancouver Island Chapter and has been traveling the world since 2002. The Design Cares legacy asks exhbit hosts to use the exhibit to benefit their local community or to make the world a better place.

The exhibit was shown March 12-17, 2007, hosted by Kwantlen University College in Richmond BC. Pat Bennett, Program Coordinator/Faculty, Interdisciplinary Design Studies Program wrote the following notes about the experience:
By any measure the event was hugely successful.

- Community attendance - over the four days plus closing ceremony we had over two hundred people come by for a visit,
- Community benefit - our legacy organization - the David Suzuki Foundation will be receiving  over three hundred dollars in donations,
- Professional attendance - again over the course of the event, we had professional representation from a number a various disciplines drop by,
- Kwantlen design programs - students, faculty and staff representing all of the five other design disciplines stopped by sometimes en mass,
- Kwantlen non-design programs - had excellent attendance and feedback  from a variety of programs outside of but allied to design such as environmental protection and earth sciences,
- Complete photographic coverage and review article written by the students in the Journalism program which will be included in the next issue of the Kwantlen Chronicle,
- and most importantly - the participation, organization and learning that occurred as the result of the involvement of the Interdisciplinary Design Studiesstudents. Every student, all 40 of them, was involved in some capacity whether it was advertising/promotion, installation, closing event organization, take-down or student project work included relating to the courses Designing for Humanity or 3D Design.

To quote part of a handout given to visitors of the event entitled Why this exhibit and why we got involved:
"We accept design's conventional roles but also see the significance of design as a cultural, environmental and socially beneficial force. The students feel that the DESIGNCARES exhibition represents that force. It closely aligns with and represents the role they want to take as altruistic young designers. They see the exhibition as an opportunity to integrate design with this altruism."

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