2013 GDC Chapter Executive Boards

While it wasn't an election year for all chapters, we congratulate all new Chapter Executive members, and thank all those returning.

While it wasn't an election year for all chapters, we congratulate all new Chapter Executive members, and thank all those returning.

GDC Arctic Chapter

President, Jennifer Luckay CGD
Past President, Allison Camenzuli CGD
Vice President / National Representative, Jennifer Luckay CGD  
Treasurer, Diana Curtis CGD
Secretary, Erin Mohr CGD
Membership, Erin Mohr CGD  
Events Chairs, Jennifer Luckay CGD & Erin Mohr CGD
Communications Chair, Erin Mohr CGD
Sponsorship Chair, Janet Pacey CGD

GDC Alberta North Chapter

President, Ana Herrera CGD
Past President, Lori Billey CGD
Secretary, Kate Hall, Affiliate
Membership Chair, Nicole Bolton, Provisional
Portfolio Review Chair, Heather MacDonald CGD
Events Chair, Amanda Schutz CGD
Events Co-Chair, Chris Cooper CGD
Education Chair, Bryan Kulba, Provisional
Education Co-Chair, Andrea Foht, Provisional
Print Communications Chair, Michelle McBride, Provisional
Electronic Communications Chair, Matthew Satchwill, Student
Public Relations Chair, Renata Cronin, Student
Volunteer Chair, Kit Walton, Provisional
National Rep, Sarah Jackson CGD

Membership Chair, Trina Danis CGD
Electronic Communications Chair, Khean Murphy CGD
Electronic Communications Co-Chair, Jack Born, Provisional

GDC Alberta South Chapter

President and Acting Education Chair, Naoko Masuda CGD
Vice President and Communications Chair, Danny Lin CGD
Membership Chair, Jane Jacoby, Provisional
Events Chair, Lauren Foster. Provisional
Treasurer, Gwen Hetherington CGD
Secretary, Lynette Woo, Student

GDC Atlantic Chapter

President, Larry Burke CGD
Past President, Richard Osborne CGD
Vice President, Paul Williams CGD
Secretary, Karen Brown CGD
Treasurer, Paul Brunelle CGD FGDC
National Representative, Andrew Herygers CGD
Advisor, Dean McNeil CGD
Education Chair, May Chung CGD
Membership Chair, Debbie Brady, Provisional
Communications Chair, Danielle Autran, Provisional
Regional Representative, New Brunswick, Jocelyne Saulnier, Provisional
Regional Representative, Newfoundland,
Susan McWatt FitzGerald CGD
Student Representative, Sebastian Tory-Pratt
Past Vice President, Kelly Burke CGD

GDC BC Chapter

President, Johnathon Strebly CGD
Past President, Andy Maier CGD
National Representative, Mike Cober CGD
Sponsorship, Miles Harrison CGD
AV Content, Darren Carcary CGD
Communications, Stu Ross CGD
Membership, Mike Cober CGD
Web Communications, Pauline Lai, Provisional
Copy Writing, Angela Hot CGD
Ethics, Matt Warburton CGD, FGDC
Education, Carol Aitken CGD
Events, Nathalie Uribe, Student
Volunteer, Todd Mitchell
Student Representative, Pavol Ganapolsky, Student
Public Relations, Sophia Yoon, Provisional
Secretary, Marga Lopez CGD
Treasurer, Dale Simonson FGDC


GDC BC Vancouver Island Chapter

Chapter President, Aaron Heppell, CGD
Vice President, Ethics Chair, Howard Short, CGD
Vice President, Patrick Belanger, CGD
Vice President, Portfolio Review Chair, Cheryl Short, CGD
South Island Representative, Leah Ibbitson, CGD
Secretary, Josephine Duffy, Provisional
Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Rutherford, Provisional
Treasurer, Simon Troop, CGD
Events Coordinator, Paige Owen, Student
Student Representative, Isabelle Villeneuve
National Representative, Tara Kerner, CGD

GDC Manitoba Chapter

President, Adrian J.K. Shum CGD
Past President, Oliver Oike CGD

Vice President / National Representative, Andrew Boardman CGD  

Treasurer, Dean Van De Walle CGD
Secretary, Jessica Phillips CGD
Membership / Education Chair, Carson D. Samson CGD  

Business Events Chair, Kevin Guenther CGD

Events Chair, Toby Bartlett CGD
Communications Chair, John Lyttle CGD
Executive Coordinator, Karen Niedzwiecki CGD

PechaKucha Committee Chair, Melissa Archer (Provisional)

Treasurer, Ed Brajczuk (Affilliate)
Communications Chair, Jeope Wolfe CGD


GDC Saskatchewan North

President, Josh Nagy CGD
Vice President, Marina Covey CGD
Secretary / Ethics Chair, Allan Dowdeswell CGD
Treasurer, Brian Kachur CGD
Sponsorship Chair, Cheryl McDougall CGD
Certification Chair / Design Council Rep, Randy Hergott CGD
Communications Chair, Ryan Schmidt CGD
Student / Education Chair, Colin Maskell Provisional
Past President, Dave Nagy CGD

GDC Saskatchewan South

President, Rhea Leibel, CGD
Past President, Vice President, National Representative,
Natalie Mitchell CGD  
Treasurer, Russ Portigal CGD
Secretary, Melissa Olson, Provisional
Membership, Laila Haus, CGD
Events Chairs, Vacant
Communications Chair, Erin Stankewich CGD
Sponsorship Chair, Vacant

Members at Large
Representative, Brenda Sanderson CGD

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