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Sites of Interest to Design Educators

On Typography:
Typography Guidelines and References

Carefully selected articles about typography and type design which have been published in Smashing Magazine over the years.

For instance, read The Beauty of Typography: Writing Systems and Calligraphy of the World.



On Design Thinking:
Make it Visual

A design thinking tip from Change By Design, written by Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO. “Photos, sketches, and data visualizations can make complex ideas easier to understand and share.” Read more >

On Communication, Design Education, Sustainability
and other Themes:
Iridescent Volume 2: Issue 1 Launched online

Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research has launched the first Issue of Volume 2 online. The issue is comprised of six papers by design scholars on themes exploring communication design education, sustainability and design, and communication design in public spaces.

Teal Triggs, Iridescent Supervising Editor for the 2011-2013 term, is overseeing the journal's activities and developing its alignment with international research standards. Whilst each paper in this Issue establishes a different perspective to exploring ways in which the role of the designer-researcher might be defined, Teal observes, they all  share a sense of urgency and need to promote new, innovative methods and pedagogical approaches for communication design research.
Read more >

On Design History:
AZ Project

A project by Dario Russo and Pasquale Volpe,  AZ Project proposes to describe the evolution and the fundamental approaches to international graphic design from its inception until today through a series of selected texts.

On Design Ethics:
No!Spec: Info for Students

You are in school, or fresh out. So, how do you build your portfolio with real work? Because in reality, that’s what you need to get hired these days. Design is only a part of being a professional in this industry; your ability to work with real clients matters too. As an alternative to wasting your time with design contests, we offer you an array of solid, ethical, choices.

Design Films and Videos:

Want to watch an interview with Saul Bass, Paula Scher, Paul Rand, Erik Spiekermann, or other great designers? How about a documentary about Milton Glaser? Check out Films on Design >

Or, watch Gestalten TV and explore visual culture at We Love Graphic Design. View the Graphic Design Symposium in Copenhagen and many other videos.