Limited Edition Poster Sale

GDC@50 Poster Sale to Benefit GDC Foundation

Posters designed by some of Canada's eminent designers, all of whom are GDC Fellows, are now for sale. The posters were produced to commemorate the GDC's 50th Anniversary and are sure to become collector's items. There are only a few copies of each poster available.

Posters are 26" x 43.5" printed on a heavy stock and are laminated. They were exhibited in various provinces in 2006, and all are in excellent condition. Most are laminated and have velcro strips on the back.

The price is $50 plus shipping. All proceeds will go to help build the GDC Foundation fund.

Posters included in the sale are by the following designers:

Peter Bartl CGD, FGDC
David Berman R.G.D., FGDC
Carole Charette FGDC
David Coates CGD, FGDC
Frank Davies FGDC
Peter Dorn CGD, FGDC
Rolf Harder CGD, FGDC
Paul Haslip CGD, FGDC
Georges Haroutiun FGDC
Burton Kramer CGD, FGDC
Michael Maynard CGD, FGDC
Frank Newfeld CGD, FGDC
Albert Ng R.G.D., FGDC
Friedrich Peter CGD, FGDC
Robert L. Peters CGD, FGDC
Elaine Prodor CGD, FGDC
Neville Smith CGD, FGDC
Tiit Telmet CGD, FGDC
Jan Van Kampen FGDC
Matthew Warburton CGD, FGDC

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