Canada's 125th Anniversary Logo Designer Says 150th Spec Contest "an insult"

Peter Gough spoke with GDC recently and shares his experiences working on the 125th anniversary logo and his thoughts on the Canada 150 spec contest.

GDC had the opportunity recently to speak with Peter Gough (, the designer of Canada's 125th anniversary logo. Here is what Peter had to say about the federal government's current logo spec contest.

"I heard today that the federal government is having a contest open to residents of Canada 18 years and over... It’s admirable that the government wants to engage Canadians in this celebration and I am sure there are ways to do this that don’t undermine the graphic design profession and artists in Canada.

By offering students $5,000 for their logo [Heritage Canada] is sort of saying 'well that’s all this logo is worth,' plus I am sure they will also give up ownership of that design as well.

In 1992 I created the logo for Canada’s 125th birthday. The company I worked for at time billed in excess of $100,000 for that logo and as well picked up the lucrative PR work for the Atlantic region as well as production and media work in addition.

This is an insult not only to professional designers and artists in Canada but also to the students by baiting them with lure of glory if they are successful. Professional designers and artists spend years obtaining their credentials and honing their craft, which by the way cost thousands of dollars and are left out of this competition.

So this is what Canadian Heritage thinks of their worth."

Peter Gough,LAI,SCA,vp

Peter advised that all five agencies who initially submitted design proposals for the Canada 125th logo were all compensated for their time.

Agree? Fired up? Good!

Tell the government that the Canada 150 logo spec contest is exploitive and unethical:  Sign and share the national petition at