National AGM 2015: Report

In June, GDC held its national annual general meeting. Every year the GDC national AGM is hosted in a different Canadian city, sponsored by the local chapter. This year, GDC Alberta South Chapter hosted the event in Calgary.

The GDC AGM is attended by elected chapter representatives from across the country who together form GDC’s National Council. National Council is GDC’s version of a national United Nations.

In the evening on Thursday, June 4th, chapters and National Committees delivered reports on their activities and the overall status of their respective areas of the country.

Friday, June 5th, was the business portion of the AGM. During the business day, National Council worked on policies and procedures that will help shape the association. The National Executive presented their reports, which were later accepted by National Council — including the annual review and approval GDC’s audited financial statements. The day was filled with enthusiasm and considered thought from all parts of the country.

National Council was also tasked with making changes to GDC’s constitution; a document that guides and gives structure to GDC. As per the email notice sent to members on April 2, 2015, National Council deliberated and voted on 8 proposed constitutional changes, 7 of which were passed. The accepted changes brought more clarity to the definition of Fellow and Honourary Fellow, and included some house cleaning changes to the language used in the constitution. A fully updated version of the GDC constitution will be uploaded to the members only section of the website in the coming weeks.

National Council was then presented with a Fellowship nomination for Valerie Elliott CGD. The presentation demonstrated Valerie’s eligibility for GDC Fellowship and outlined her significant contributions both the GDC community and to the graphic design profession at large. After a unanimous vote in favour, Valerie joined the small but influential list of designers, educators and leaders who have made significant contributions to graphic and communication design in Canada.

The business day concluded with nominations for vacant National Executive and Committee roles. Jennifer Luckay CGD agreed to stand for the role of VP Communications. Syliva Rigakis CGD agreed to stand as Corporate Secretary. Both were acclaimed into their positions. Johnathon Vaughn Streby CGD was appointed as National Ethics Chair replacing David Berman CGD, FGDC who pioneered and wrote the GDC Code of Ethics. Thank you David for your many years of support and dedication.

The third day of the AGM is always reserved for strategic planning and initiative development. This day brings together creative and strategic minds from all over the country to develop initiatives that both enrich GDC’s member community as well as bring positive change to Canada’s design profession as a whole. This year the strategic planning sessions were extended to include actual development and initial execution of key initiatives. It was an extremely productive day of planning and most importantly, action. National Council identified many deliverables and action items that will improve the membership experience and many of the initiatives were undertaken immediately. Seeing so much creativity and activity in one room was particularly inspiring.

I would like to thank the Alberta South Chapter for their work in preparing the AGM and for being warm and gracious hosts; GDC Executive Director, Melanie MacDonald, for her tremendous planning and support in the lead up to and throughout the AGM; to National Council for being so engaged and enthusiastic both at the chapter and national levels and for taking time away from their families and co-workers to build GDC; and finally to GDC’s many members — without whom we could not volunteer our time and resources for the overall betterment of our profession, you are our inspiration.

Want to engage with leaders and peers from across the country and shape the future of the design profession while your at it? Think about volunteering on your chapter board, or on a National working group/committee — contact us