2012 National Scholarship Recipients

Celebrating 10 Years of Fresh Canadian Talent.

Graphic design students from across Canada submitted an exceptional body of work to the 2012 GDC National Scholarship awards competition. 2012 marks the 10th year for the annual competition, which is open to students engaged and continuing in graphic and communication design studies at post-secondary institutions in Canada, and who are also student members of the GDC, SGDQ or RGD Ontario. The winning entries are reflective of a national representation and demonstrate high calibre cross-platform design solutions that encompass social responsibility, innovative thinking and strong communication design skills.

The motivation behind the national scholarships is to support emerging talent and encourage students to expand their potential in their development towards professional practice. These awards have been generously funded by some of Canada’s leading partners in the design industry, including Veer, Adobe and Applied Arts.

GDC Fellows, Ray and Casey Hrynkow created the Ray Hrynkow Scholarship through the GDC Foundation, shortly before Ray's passing earlier this year. This new national scholarship is for the thinking designer, honouring Ray Hrynkow’s professional career and his creative philosophy of intelligent design and commitment to best practices.

The entries were ambitious and the criteria for eligibility rigorous, and as a result the adjudication process was challenging. Students were required to submit grade transcripts, a letter of endorsement from a design educator, a personal letter discussing their experience with design and reasons for applying, as well as one project that exemplified their abilities and potential (including a description of project requirements and detailed rationale). These criteria enabled the judges to carefully consider the entire student experience related to each project and select the winners.

The panel of judges, all CGD certified members from throughout Canada, included practitioners, educators and industry leaders: Jennifer Luckay CGD (Yellowknife, NWT), Jim Hudson CGD (Moncton, NB), Larry Burke CGD (Halifax, NS), Michael Maynard CGD, FGDC (Fredericton, NB), Brenda Sanderson CGD, (Montreal, QC), and Ana Herrera CGD (Edmonton, AB). The adjudication took place at Hudson Creative Agency in Moncton, NB and was overseen by May Chung CGD (Halifax, NS), past GDC National VP Education, and Karin Jager CGD (Surrey, BC), GDC National VP Education.

$1,000 Adobe Scholarship
Alex Tench
, Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC
Project: Sustainable Cities: Affluenza. Guerrilla marketing campaign.
Instructor: Vida Jurcic

This awareness campaign uses “affluenza” as a way to describe the modern consumer and their unsustainable addiction to overconsumption and debt. The campaign logo of a stylized daVinci “Vitruvian man” and biohazard symbol mimics radiation, signifies a warning, and the idea that man is the cause of earth’s ailments. The guerrilla campaign uses posters, a website and “brochures” in the form of packaging wrappers for merchandise considered essential (food and clothing). The wrapper outlines the problem with solutions and includes a tear-a-way tag that can, like a virus, be easily passed onto others. The merchandise will be distributed at public events to highlight the modern consumers’ habit of satisfying artificial needs and contributing to the problem of overconsumption. The objective for the campaign is to affect an emotional response from the viewer and encourage action.

Alex believes designers today have an important role to play in society and when he graduates, plans to focus on sustainable design and design as an agent of change.

“Alex’s solution was well thought out, attention grabbing and great execution!” Jim Hudson CGD, GDC National Past President and principal at Hudson Creative Agency, Moncton NB

“Clever! All elements are well thought out – image, text, colour and design.” Michael Maynard BFA, MFA, CGD FGDC, Director at New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, Fredricton NB

$1,000 Adobe Scholarship
Henry Slaughter
, Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC
Project: 24 Years of the Michael Jordan Sneaker Legacy. Information design.
Instructor: Karin Jager

This 24 panel exhibit is a historical chronology (1985–2009) of Nike’s Air Jordan sneaker legacy. It documents the major milestones in design, manufacturing and marketing that helped establish the Nike brand. The editorial style used in each panel depicts a series of original images and content from each year an Air Jordan sneaker was released and takes the viewer through 24 unique stories.

Henry submitted his work to the GDC National Scholarship Awards Program because he wanted to share his passion for graphic design and become more involved in the Canadian design community.

“Strong concept and context. Excellent handling of grid and type. Careful consideration of images.” Brenda Sanderson BA, BFA, MA, CGD, Executive Director at iXDa and former Managing Director at Icograda, Montreal QC

“Well thought out project. Concept well executed throughout all the panels.” Ana Herrera CGD,MDes, MBA, GDC National Treasurer, President of the Alberta North Chapter and principal at Lanternfish Design & Advertising, Edmonton AB

$1,000 Applied Arts Magazine Scholarship
Alexis Young
, Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC
Project: The City Farmer. Think Dirty. Promotional campaign.
Instructor: Karin Jager CGD

The Think Dirty campaign promotes the City Farmer and their goal of encouraging city dwellers to grow food at home. Using a light-hearted approach, Alexis designed a series of creative reusable canvas bags that promote urban gardening in a way that is accessible and trendsetting. In her rationale, Alexis states “For the densely populated downtown areas, it’s important to be proactive with environmental responsibility and waste reduction. The tongue-in-cheek “Think Dirty” campaign line is designed to attract second looks, and get people to think about how they could get involved in gardening and composting in their daily lives.”

Alexis aims to create both beautiful and useful design, seeking solutions that are responsible and thought provoking. Her goal is to “continue solving problems with communication design whether it be in creative or art direction, thinking up concepts and ideas, or completely hands-on and submersed in the construction of the project.”

“Excellent work! Well executed and strong concept.” Larry Burke BDes, CGD, GDC National Scholarship Award Judge, President of the GDC Atlantic Chapter and principal at Burke + Burke Design, Halifax NS

“Great concept and good copywriting; good presentation.” Michael Maynard BFA, MFA, CGD FGDC, Director at New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, Fredricton NB

$1,250 Veer Scholarship
Pascal Lefebvre
, Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, QC
Project: Literature Series: Albert Camus, Ideas on the Absurd. Book Cover design and packaging.
Instructor: Louis Gagnon

As a way to rejuvenate and revitalize these absurd classics, Pascal’s approach was to present the series in a fun and tactile way. By branding the series using an impossible triangle, the illusion conveys the message of absurdity. The concept is enhanced with unique packaging designed to be torn apart and become obsolete to replicate an act of rebellion. The tear apart tab reads “Discovering the absurd, to accept and integrate the absurd into daily living means taking part in a conscious humanism, freedom and responsibility. Through these readings, you will discover freedom, passion and rebellion. You’ve just begun that last one. Welcome.” Each book includes bookmarks located at the back, that transform into a pair of glasses, a magnifying glass and a monocle as a way to present “reality” as it is, in the same way Camus had done in his writing. The goal for this interactive design solution was to make these classics more accessible to a wider audience.

Pascal began his studies in history before embarking on graphic design. He has found that the two disciplines complement each other. He states, “Know your past to understand the present.” He believes design is the visual language used to communicate ideas and he is passionate about creating smart solutions.

“The concept and idea are wonderful, an effective way to promote reading of the classics. Lots of passion is evident in this project. Colours and illustrations are strong. I love the hands-on aspect of holding a book and tearing into it.” Jennifer Luckay CGD, Art Director at Kellett Communications, Yellowknife NWT

$1,250 Veer Scholarship
Stéphanie Turgeon-Girard
, Université Laval, Quebec City, QC
Project: Jardins Van den Hende, savoir-vert. Branding project.
Instructor: Pier Tremblay

The goal for the rebrand of the Jardins Van den Hende Botanical Garden was to embody the spirit of the gardens and promote accessibility through smart environmental design. The fresh visual identity and tagline “savoir-vert” reflect the essence of the garden with simplicity as the overall theme.

Stéphanie credits the design program at the Université Laval for helping her “think like a graphic designer.” She explored editorial design, branding, wayfinding and multimedia design, and found her passion in web design.

“Well considered system that is comprehensive in scope.” Brenda Sanderson BA, BFA, MA, CGD, Executive Director at iXDa and former Managing Director at Icograda, Montreal QC

Honourable Mention
Dorothée Cadiot
, International Student (France), Université Laval, Quebec City, QC
Project: Jardins Van den Hende, savoir-vert. Branding project.
Instructor: Pier Tremblay

“Stéphanie and Dorothée worked together on this project during the entire winter session. They met with the client, developed the brand strategy, created the identity, designed the collateral, and at the end of the project presented the entire branding solution to the client and their colleagues. Their solution was a nice refresh. Both students were very professional and it was a pleasure to teach them.” Pier Tremblay

$500 Ray Hrynkow Scholarship
Cheryl Loh
, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC
Project: CEWIGO: The Centre for Women in Governance. Branding project.
Instructor: Chris Hethrington

CEWIGO is a non-profit organization in Uganda, advocating for gender equality in leadership. The organization represents equality, empowerment, leadership, advance, and strength, and these keywords along with the positioning theme of “women for transformation” inspired Cheryl’s solution. The flower symbol represents independence, progression, upper and outward movement, and depicts an empowered figure representing both strength and grace. The design process considered different cultural contexts and the appropriateness of the solution for intended audiences. The deliverables included stationery, a website, motion graphics and report where production restraints were carefully considered as part of the design solution.

Cheryl volunteers at several non-profits and through this experience learned about working in several mediums. She states, “I want to create meaningful work for clients that aim to inspire positive change, as I find this to be the most rewarding.” Cheryl sees the GDC scholarships as an opportunity to share her work and a way to participate in the design community.

“CEWIGO is an exceptionally strong piece – the mark and its interpretation given the client, is as important as the execution – the consideration and the thinking is consistent all the way through in all aspects of the design solution.” Brenda Sanderson BA, BFA, MA, CGD, Executive Director at iXDa and former Managing Director at Icograda, Montreal QCe

“Very effective re-branding – well thought-out strategies, logical presentation, good design and good social context.”
Michael Maynard BFA, MFA, CGD FGDC, Director at New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, Fredricton NB

Honourable Mention
Caitlyn Neufeld
, Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC
Project: Locate: Tracking the environmental impact of personal food choices iPhone app.
Instructor: Vida Jurcic

Based on eating locally and the 100 mile diet, this app is designed to allow the user to set personal food mile goals. By scanning UPC codes, the app calculates food travel distances and tracks CO2 emissions. Users gain an understanding of the impact travelled food has on the environment and can share their personal results on facebook.

Caitlyn is inspired by a desire to create design that is simple, functional and practical. Her passion is typography and enjoys applying a range of skills in the design process. Her goal is to be a communication designer and is looking forward to new challenges.

“I’m impressed with Caityln’s approach of designing an app interface to visualize the impact of our food choices. It’s good to see young designers working with new media rather than traditional media. A very current solution.” Ana Herrera CGD,MDes, MBA, GDC National Treasurer, President of the Alberta North Chapter and principal at Lanternfish Design & Advertising, Edmonton AB