Cover: Joint Code of Ethics Introduced

Joint Code of Ethics Introduced

GDC, RGD and SDGQ announce new joint Code of Ethics

GDC, RGD and SDGQ are pleased to announce that a new joint Code of Ethics has been created as the next step in aligning our organizations' certification processes.

The new GDC/RGD/SDGQ Code of Ethics draws elements of the GDC's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct, with valuable refinements and additions being incorporated from both documents. Members of both organizations have previously been required to abide by their respective Codes/Rules, and that will continue to be the case with this new document. SDGQ has translated the code into French for use by their members. 

The new Code is broken into categories for ease of use; each category has a set of Rules that are supported by a set of Best Practices. The Rules are intended to be clear, objective and easy to follow; the Best Practices are recommended guidelines for professional and ethical behaviour by members. The language is also now gender neutral and has been switched from punitive to empowering (e.g. "Members will not..." to "I will...").
Download and review the new joint GDC/RGD Code of Ethics here.

"With our sights set on the future, the collaborative efforts with the RGD and SDGQ will benefit professional designers, educators, students and businesses in Canada. I believe in the Seventh generation principle, which is based on Indigenous traditional philosophy that the decisions we make today should have a positive result in a world seven generations from now." stated Mark Rutledge, CGD, GDC President. "It is the actions that we take today that will have a positive impact on the future of the design community in Canada." 

"Stronger together." declared Johnathon Strebly CGD, GDC Past-President,"This has always been a tenet of the GDC as a national chapter based organization, but our voices are so much stronger through collaboration and inclusivity. Combining the voices of design advocacy across our country with RGD and SDGQ was long overdue. Professional designers, organizations, government, and most importantly, the public we serve, are all far better off when we speak as one voice with shared vision and values with our communities best interest as our common goal."
"RGD is thrilled that SDGQ has joined us and GDC in supporting a consistent Code of Ethics for Members of all three organizations," says Jennifer Taback RGD, VP of Ethics and Chair of RGD's Ethics Committee. "This is a fantastic step in ensuring that design professionals across the country have unified standards that govern our practice."
"We would like to extend special thanks to Matt Warburton CGD, FGDC, GDC's Ethics Chair, and Julie Royer, SDGQ Vice-President, for working with RGD on this unified Code," adds Stüssy Tschudin RGD, RGD's Past-President. “Collaboration to create this document and being represented by a unified code is integral to the strength of all three organizations, but even more importantly to the Canadian design industry as a whole. We are very pleased with the results of this undertaking."
The new GDC/RGD/SDGQ Code of Ethics was adopted at the National AGM on May 31, 2019 and ratified at RGD's Annual General Meeting in Toronto on April 29, 2019. The French version was approved at SDGQ's AGM on November 6, 2019.

"SDGQ is pleased to connect with GDC and RGD on this document," Julie Royer, SDGQ Vice-President said, "and we can’t wait to collaborate further with both associations."
GDC members can direct questions about the new Code of Ethics to either Melanie MacDonald, Executive Director at or Matt Warburton CGD, FGDC, National Ethics Chair at