Windset Farms is one of North America’s premier greenhouse growers. They recently finished phase 2 of a new 3-million square foot greenhouse facility in Santa Maria, California. Tugboat Group was asked to design feature wall treatments for the new multimillion dollar facility to greet buyers from large-scale grocers including Costco, Walmart, and Loblaws/President’s Choice with an impressive environment. The project scope has since grown into a full environmental and office interior design project.

Building on my experience designing presentation/sales centres for real estate developers, I created a high-level concept for the interior design of the foyer and reception area which will elevate their office environment to that of a modern corporate head office. From the original request, I wanted to ensure that the vision for the office design stay on brand with Windset – keeping the design clean and bright with the focus on their core business of growing premium greenhouse produce. This project spanned several phases including interior wayfinding, exterior wayfinding, interior design of key areas of the main office such as the foyer and reception area, and also applying graphics to key walls. The scope of this job is very large, and thus is still being built in phases. Below is a mix of both final photos and concept illustrations.

You can learn more about the Windset Farms Interior and Environmental Office Design and see a full gallery of images from this project on my portfolio website at the link below.


I was able to visit and tour the Santa Maria facility first-hand and it was really rewarding to see the finished project in person. It’s a very impressive greenhouse to visit — Windset has continued to expand their greenhouse square footage immensely since I started seeing the original photos that I worked from.


Windset Farms (for Tugboat Group)


Fabrication by: Southpaw Sign Company (Oceano, CA)

Project Role(s)

Art Director