Redesign of Windset Farms entire product line featuring new bolder colours and more retail friendly designer look; new bags, labels, header cards and cases spanning seven products and 28 sub-brands.

Windset Farms is one of North America’s premier greenhouse growers, based out of Delta, BC. Windset is known as a leader in designer product labels and bags. This next generation of products needed to continue the clean, slick look that has become synonymous with their premium products.

This redesign of Windset Farms’ entire product line was no small task — spanning seven products and 28 sub-brands, there was going to be endless combinations of these products in both English-only and Bilingual versions, and multiple weight/count versions.

Redesign considerations included different bag styles (resealable polycarbonate plastic bags, polyethylene bags), net-bag header cards, shipping cases and clamshell labels. All the packaging is designed with premium quality production in mind, and everything must look amazing on the shelf.


I divided the bags into top and bottom fields, so the artwork could ‘slide’ up and down independently to allow maximum product show-through. By having the two artwork areas independent of each other helps the design department immensely once we get into the full roll-out of products because the top and bottom can slide into a comfortable position to contain all the artwork, and showcase the produce inside.

The top dual-scoop design holds the key graphics in place, allowing the sub-brand area to be brought to the top; front and centre. This allows for optimum visibility on the shelf — think magazine cover. The graphics and information on the top of the bag are kept to a minimum to keep it clean and slick, the other information lives together in the bottom field. Secondary information such as the weight/count and country of origin are all together, and the introduction of retail-friendly health claims (backed up by nutritional information on the back of the bag) and nutritional barrels help consumers make quick and informed healthy decisions when grocery shopping.

The thick white stripes bookend the produce on the top and bottom of this design for maximum pop of the product against it’s complementing colour, and the rich black base of every bag reinforces that strong pop of colour, and finishing off the bottom of the bag where it won’t always sit up perfectly.


Windset Farms (for Tugboat Group)


Copywriting: Tugboat Group, Produce Photography: Raeff Miles

Project Role(s)

Art Director