SKN AGM 2020

2020 Sask North AGM


Welcome to 2020! GDC Sask North is starting the year off with a plan. We have a framework for events and moving forward and we are looking for others to take on some leadership roles and contribute the the Saskatchewan Design community. 

Our AGM for this year will be Wednesday February 26 at 6:45pm at Prairie Sun on Broadway Ave. There will be light bites provided and drinks available, there may also be time to take advantage of some of the games provided by Prairie Sun after the meeting proper is complete. We will begin with some short reports from our current executive, then moving on to new nominations, as this is an election year, all positions are available but we do have some incumbents. Finally we will discuss our schedule of events for this year.

Being on the GDC SKN executive provides you with opportunity to contribute and connect to the design community on both a local and national levels. Our roles are very flexible and can accommodate a variety of commitment levels and interests. 

Vacant roles
Communications, Education, Vice President, Membership Vice or co chair, Events and Sponsorship.
If you know someone that would be good and may have interest in any of these roles please reach out, We are happy to discuss any interest you may have. 

Local and national opportunities
On a local level the GDC has partnered with a variety of organizations most notably as a member of the Design council of Saskatchewan contributing to Saskatchewan Design Week. 
Being a member of local executive allows for connection to all manner of national committees for support and to bring initiates to the entire country. The GDC also partners with RGD and SGDQ to work to better and grow design awareness in our country abroad. This can be done from a local role or as a member of the national GDC executive. 

Being a member of the national council in any role does take some volunteer commitment but most weeks less that 2 hours. We hold between 6 and 10 meetings a year depending on the desire of the executive and at the moment are planning 2 larger, and 4 smaller events this year. 

With all that said, if you would like to come hang out and support the executive as a local casual contributor, we welcome you to come out for that as well. 

For any interest or concerns please contact:
Josh Nagy CGD