Contract Essentials

In partnership with Good Lawyer, we are excited to invite you to learn more about contracts and the creative industry.

About this event

Join us for Jonathan Di Feo, LL.L., J.D. on Tuesday, September 28, 11:30 am-12:30 pm PST.

The gig economy has grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic, with an increasing amount of people setting up their businesses at home. In this seminar, participants will review different business structures, get some essential contract tips and learn more about intellectual property and tax implications.

Contract Essentials

  • What is a contract and why it is important
  • Parties to the Contract

- Business structures: 
- Sole proprietorship
- Partnership
- Incorporation

  • Offer, Acceptance, Consideration
  • Reviewing elements to include in a Contract

Intellectual Property:

  • Copyright
  • Who Owns Work

Contractor vs Employee

  • Responsibilities/Obligations
  • Tax implications