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GDC Foundation is now Design Professionals of Canada Foundation

Give wings to the design profession!

The Design Professionals of Canada Foundation will help designers, educators, students and researchers.

The Foundation is growing a fund to support design research and education, special projects, scholarships for students and professional designers, and a benevolent fund to offer short-term financial assistance to designers experiencing a career-challenging difficulty. Our goal is to become a registered charity, to fulfill our mandate and expand our work. 

We are focusing our fundraising campaign on building our Operations Fund in order to fulfill our mandate to become a registered charity. There are significant costs involved and we hope to reach our goal of $10,000 to cover all legal, accounting and filing costs.

Read about what the Foundation has been doing!
2020-2021 GDC Foundation Annual Report

Since 2012, the Foundation has awarded $18,000 in student scholarships.

Help us grow the  Foundation, a valuable asset for design in Canada, by donating to the Foundation, or by leaving a bequest in your will, providing a scholarship, or a research grant.

For more information, email:
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Get Behind Design – Please Donate!

• By E-Transfer to: (no fees deducted!)

• By PayPal or credit card > Donate with PayPal or credit card

• By mail > Send your cheque
(make it out to Design Professionals of Canada and note that it is for the  Foundation)
to: GDC, Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6E2
• By phone >  to donate by credit card please call 1-877-496-4453. (toll free). Our executive director will return your call to take your details.

  • Contributors are listed on the GDC website as well as in publications such as the Annual Report. If you wish your contribution to be attributed to someone (ie. In honour of...,  In appreciation of..., In memory of...) or if you would like it to be anonymous, please email
To discuss bequests, scholarships or special donations contact
Peggy Cady, GDC Foundation Chair
Email:, phone: 250-386-6215

Foundation Committee Members: Jim Hudson CGD, David Coates CGD, FGDC, Matthew Warburton CGD, FGDC, Patrice Snopkowski CGD, Steven Rosenberg CGD, FGDC, Peggy Cady CGD, FGDC.