Coworking is a growing movement to promote shared working environments for non-affiliated individuals or groups. Coworking isn’t just about the space, an office or a desk it is about a combination of community and core values. At the heart of coworking is the shared belief that productivity and creativity are enhanced by collaboration and all members can all benefit from working in a shared space with other like-minded individuals.

Our client, a Toronto investment bank, planned to convert 8,000 sq. ft. of under-utilized commercial space into a contemporary coworking environment in the old Acme Textile Building in Toronto’s Queen West district. Coworking operations must resonate with the neighbourhood, as clients usually hail from a small radius.

Burke & Burke was contracted to develop the new brand, online presence, and marketing strategy. Our first order of business was to develop the name: Acme Works. Our first order of business was to develop the name: Acme Works. The resulting award-winning identity reflects the hip retro industrial character of the reclaimed workspace, and with a name like Acme, an anvil had to be incorporated in there somewhere. The entire program works seamlessly in an entire palette of industrial colours for its many applications which include online, print, advertising, exterior signage, and apparel.

The new facility and its identity are a huge hit with the twenty and thirty-something solo entrepreneurs in our target market. Thanks to robust SEO integration, Acme Works ranks as the number one facility found in organic search results for “coworking Toronto”.

Acme Works has exceeded all expectations, reaching beyond its original coworking mandate to serve as an incubator for startups, an event space, and a heavily-booked meeting space.


Corpfinance International Limited


Lead Designer: Anna Stredulinsky
Illustration: Donald King
Web Development: Nathan Morier

Project Role(s)

Creative Director
Project Manager