The Annual Nova Scotia Bluegrass & Oldtime Music Festival is Canada’s oldest continuously operating Bluegrass Festival. The Festival is a family event presented by the Downeast Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of bluegrass music in Eastern Canada.

Despite its proud history, the Festival’s audience was waning. Loyal, but aging fans were literally dying off, and the Festival’s future was in serious jeopardy of extinction without some drastic measures to revive interest and lure new fans.

A new director was elected to shake things up in hopes of saving the Festival. His approach involved increasing the admission fee, hiring bigger name performers, and developing a new brand and web presence with online ticket purchase capability.

Burke & Burke took the challenge as a pro bono sponsor – developing a new brand and posters, and promotional materials which would resonate with a wider audience, and due to budget constraints, customizing an existing WordPress template to fit the bill.

Our teamwork with the Festival organizers saved the Festival! Attendance was up beyond all expectations, and T-shirt sales exceeded all records for the history of the event! 2014’s festival attracted the much-needed new audience which ensures the Festival will carry on. Subsequent offerings featured lineups which include some of the biggest names in Bluegrass today.


Web Development: Nathan Morier

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