The late Russell Dockendorff was known as the Mussel King of PEI since he pioneered the commercial farming of this tasty shellfish on the Island in 1978. The next generation of his family has grown the enterprise to the most established producer of cultivated mussels in Canada.

The company has grown to become a key exporter of these popular treats to wholesalers around the world. As the company recently entered into the retail arena, they quickly realized that they would need to develop a recognizable and consumer-friendly brand that could compete anywhere.

Our global branding solution fused years of tradition and island-grown goodness with the shelf impact and consumer appeal necessary to ensure PEI mussels show up in grocery outlets, and on plates around the world.

Mussel King’s line of value-added products are selling worldwide on four continents through major retailers like Kroger’s and Costco. One SKU sold in Canada (for which we developed packaging) increased a national grocery chain’s sales of mussels by an unprecedented 70%!


PEI Mussel King Inc.


Lead Designer: Anna Stredulinsky
Web Development: Nathan Morier

Project Role(s)

Creative Director