Sustainability: Recommended Reading

National Sustainability Committee member favourite publications

Steven's picks

Good Design

Book: Do Good Design
Author: David Berman
This short book is an inspiration and a call to action to for designers to help repair the world.


Book: Green Graphic Design
Author: Brian Dougherty
Not only does this book encourage designers to be a catalyst for positive change, it provides examples in all phases of the design process.


Videos: Sustainability Illustrated
Artist: Alexandre Magnin

A fun approach to serious topics. These "white board" videos are created by an illustrator who is also a professional sustainability consultant.


Newsletter: What on Earth
Authors: CBC science reporters

A weekly newsetter that covering a wide range of environmental issues  focuses on solutions and smart ideas.


First Things First Manifesto 2000
Publication: Adbusters

Without a doubt, the most influential piece I have ever read. This inspired me to want my work to matter, and for me to start using my design talents to endorse social, environmental and educational initiatives.
Read the original 1964 manifesto.


Erika's picks

A Book Apart publications
Single topic books for web and digital designers, and web developers — topics include accessible design, designing for real life people/contexts and optimizing websites.


Website: WebAIM Color Contrast Checker
Publisher: WebAIM

WebAIM provides comprehensive web accessibility solutions, including this colour contrast checker that shows the contrast between any two colours.


Website: WAVE (web accessibility evaluation tool)
Publisher: WebAIM
Used to evaluate the accessibility of millions of web pages.


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